New heights

I have always been an adrenaline junkie and so for my 19th Birthday I was spoiled with a skydive. There is a skydiving place right at the Grahamstown airstrip. EP Skydivers run the show and more of their details can be found here.

Free falling through the sky

Sunday afternoon, for the very first time I put on the skydiving suit and went up in a small plane. The plane went up 9000 feet in the air! As both the instructor and I inched closer to the hole in the plane excitement riddled through my body. Plummeting through the open sky at 120km/h I felt glorious. Skydiving left a smile on my face for hours after! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is brave enough! One of the greatest experiences. Here you can catch my journey, my grand smile does most of the talking!

High-fiving the instructor after!
Realizing how crazy I really am for jumping out a plane 9000 feet in the air. 

Furry Friends

A piece of my heart has always belonged to animals. In the small ways that I can, I involve myself to make a difference whether this be taking care of the animals at the Grahamstown SPCA or planning to visit local animal sanctuaries such as that of the Addo Elephant Sanctuary a short distance from the town. I recently visited the Grahamstown SPCA in which I made a furry friend, a dwarf grey cat that seemed to not understand that shoelaces were NOT meant for chewing. It is through this one on one interaction where bonds are created, the few minutes that you spend dedicating your time to the benefit of one small animal. I implore anyone who is in the Grahamstown area to visit the SPCA or to take a short travel distance to the Addo Elephant Sanctuary, the experience will most definitely be impactful- this both for you and the animals you connect with!

Please visit the Grahamstown SPCA Facebook page to stay informed on how you can get involved, click here!

The Addo Elephant Sanctuary is a great opportunity to view what incredible animals Africa has to offer, this of course including the famous Addo elephants, visit their webpage for more information on how you can personally experience this at:

The Pink Lady Milkshake – Bathurst

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Photo taken by Dani Dominy

The home of the big pineapple is where the best milkshake restaurant in town is located. One would say I am bias. But wait until you taste one of their milkshakes. After living in Grahamstown this year, it has occurred to me that although this town has its quirks and famous pubs such as The Rat and Parrot to go to, this place is small. One needs to get out and adventure around the Eastern Cape and explore the beauty of it. With The Pink Lady Milkshake restaurant only being 45 km away taking approximately 35 minutes to travel, it is easy for students to get to and enjoy a day out. Why are the milkshakes such a hit? Go find out for yourself. The vibe. The quirkiness of the place. The people. They are not ‘normal’ milkshakes. There are over 20 flavours of milkshakes with bizarre concoctions.

“Food has not only touched the taste buds but also the pampered the heart and comfort the soul. “

The Fish

The sharp lethal cold hits my skin as I step into the ever-flowing fish river. The middle of winter brings snow to the mountain tops in the Eastern Cape and the sun melts the snow causing icy cold water to flow down into the impressive Fish River and right onto my skin.

I had never done canoeing before coming to Rhodes University, however, upon seeing numerous action-packed videos of various canoe trips done by the Rhodes University Canoe Club (RUCC) I decided it would be my next adventure and goal to partake in the Hansa Fish River Marathon. A grueling 82km race along the Fish River. This is the video that tantalized my taste buds to make The Fish marathon a reality. Fish1

An adventure that I want to do next and is similar to canoeing is white water rafting. South Africa has some of the best white water rafting, here is a website explaining more!

Life is an adventure

“It’s your life. Make what you want of it. Adventure awaits you, baby girl.” Those were the exact words my Mom said to me before I embarked on this crazy, wonderful journey here, studying at Rhodes University. Those words have been truthful to me every day. “Oh what a life ,” life is truly an adventure and I have realised that in my brief time at Rhodes. Both of my sisters studied at Rhodes and they made their time here, one to remember. However, I want to do more. I want to fulfill my time here with anything and everything I can. What better way to do that than to create a “Rhodes Bucket-list” and complete it with the ones who I cherish dearly. Reference to this article explains why I have a bucket list of my own and one to fulfill at Rhodes University that will create life long memories.


Why This Rhode

This is the first year of my studies. The first time I’ve had to live independently. University is a challenging time for many but it is also the perfect opportunity to explore who you are as a person with so many different avenues and routes being offered to you. I wanted my time at Rhodes University to be significant and character-defining. This article perfectly explains how I feel and what I want to achieve throughout my undergrad years, click here.

Choosing a path which you want to enter can sometimes be tricky, however, I’m a strong believer that it’s not about the destination but more importantly the route. I have chosen a rhode that is going to fulfill my adventurous and curios side. The first time coming to Grahamstown was when I arrived for my first week of university. None of my friends had chosen to study at the same institution as me, or anywhere near me for that matter. “I took the one less traveled by and it has made all the difference.”  If you don’t recognize this quote – give this poem a read.

The Unforeseen Trail

The planned path has always been academic. The gradual climb from grade to grade, primary to secondary to tertiary. Education has always been a full proof carpool to success. Yet, the Rhode each of us have embarked on entails a far greater education, that of blind passion. The bucket list we have each compiled grows personality, this an irreplaceable education. The park run I had embarked on with my fellow bloggers taught each of us to keep running, no matter the cramps, the dehydration, the aching calves. We ran until the route was completed. The accomplishment was not that we had finished the full 5km run- that was the reward, the accomplishment was completing it without needing recognition or approval from others. We had learnt self-belief and determination in a facet of education each of us have rarely explored. The following story of local runner and cancer patient Xolani Luvunu offers an inspirational voice to unflinching determination, click here to read more. GIPHY

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