The nature of the world

Increased violence, terrorism and political unrest takes a knock at tourism in some of the most beautiful and interesting countries. Here we are taking a look at both the dangers and the beauty that these countries have.

People fear for their lives when traveling in modern day times as airports and big tourism attractions not only attract the curious masses but also the revenge ridden, such as Al Qaeda. Here is a list of the top 4 most overlooked countries in terms of political strife and travel.

Firstly, South Africa: known for its high crime rate and corrupt government. Yet, South Africa has some of the greatest offers in terms of travel. The rocky exchange rate makes it one of the best value-for-money destinations. There are enriching cultural experiences along with something to do for everyone!

Secondly, Turkey: the abundance of historical sites and azure blue waters make it both a beautiful and educational experience, however, with current situations of Turkey being involved with the conflicts in Iran, Russia and Syria there is an infiltration of terrorists and extremists. The most affected areas are usually located within the cities and it is still possible to visit Turkey without being affected.


Thirdly, Mexico: a country so full of energy and life along with hearty culture. Mexico is a great destination and includes one of the 7 wonders of the world “Chichen Itza” along with beautiful beaches and forests with lots to explore. Mexico is also known for their drug cartels and their issues with America, after Trump decided to build a 650 mile wall on the boarder of Mexico and America.

Last but certainly not least, Brazil: also including one of the world famous heritage sites in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil offers vibrancy and some of the greatest carnivals occur here too. However, there is a lot of violence and crime within the cities of Brazil. Traveling to Brazil would require some research and understanding of the dangerous places. Although, you’ll see some of the greatest views and experience many unique things on a trip!

All in all, the world is filled with dangers but also with beauty – a top tip would be to try and do your research (Trip Advisor is a good one) and if you’re lucky enough, chat to some locals. Don’t let the world scare you too much because you may just miss some of the beauty the world has to offer!

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