Captivity for life

Majority of people are guilty of this. Guilty of what, one may ask. Guilty of viewing animals through the glass in cages and going to the zoo, animal parks or aquariums to serve as entertainment purposes. Humans did this to animals. Humans changed the behaviour and habitats of wild animals to suit their own needs. Would you put a human in a cage for the duration of their life with no valid reason. One would say no, so why do we think it is acceptable to put animals in cages?

Over the years, this issue has been overlooked. No one has made a significant effort to improve the situations that these animals are in. There is a valid reason for bird parks, zoo’s and aquariums. The reason is tourism. These places attract tourists, promoting tourism thus improving the economy of the country.  Zoo’s serve as an education source – to educate people about wild animals and for people to connect with them. They benefit humans to an extent but do they benefit the wild animal.

Keeping an animal, be it a mammal, fish, reptile, bird or even something so small like a butterfly in a closed environment is cruel. The animal is in captivity for life. For breeding purposes, it is accepted. However, for the specie to be on “show” for people to see is unacceptable. It belongs in the wild. In the natural environment, it survives best in. The environment when it can forage for its own food or catch its on prey. An environment where it can produce fertile offspring and naturally complete the general cycle of life. Birth, life then death.

However, due to mankind, this has been taken away from animals for our own benefit. The animal has been taken out its natural environment. The habitat it thrives best in. It is forced to adapt to an unfamiliar environment. It has to learn to eat a different diet. A diet that humans have created for it. A diet that is not suitable for the animal to thrive off. The animal is placed in an environment that consists of a 2m x 2m room with cold, concrete floors. Fake lights to create warmth and “natural light” for the animal to survive. A bowl with water and food are provided so that the animal survives to the next day when a bunch of new faces come to peer through the glass wall. The room closed off with a metal gate.

Cold and cruel is what comes to mind.



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