Travel Journalism: The Unknown Trials and Tribulations.

The misconception of students entering the field of journalism is that it is a hassle-free journey to exotic places. However, this career holds its fair share of trials and tribulations- political threats, uncertainty of success and wavering pay are just a few considerations that are in need of serious contemplation.

Jill Starley-Grainger, a freelance journalist specializing in ethical and luxury travel, aims to  equip aspiring journalists with the tricks of the trade. She writes, ”a passion for travel and the ability to string a sentence together will not qualify you as a travel journalist”. Her article attempts to challenge a novice journalist’s perception of travel writing, engaging them in critical debate about whether or not journalism is a career they can live and love.

Often a deciding factor for students entering this field is the uncertainty of success- the vast competition for positions and the wavering pay is a major deterrent for students. However, Lottie Gross, the web editor of Rough Guides, does provide hope for undecided students. In her interview, Gross shares her extensive travel experiences- this described to be not far off from the idealistic dream many wish to lead as a travel writer. Thus, an encouraged notion to adopt is that it is in fact possible to lead the successful life of  travel writer if you are dedicated.

Yet, the risk of journalism can not only be attributed to the uncertainty of success and indefinite pay, the global safety of journalists is a heavily debated topic in both the media and the classroom.

In attempts to rectify this concern, organizations such as ACOS Alliance and Reporters Without Borders have implemented various ways in which to protect fellow journalists, this from developing safety principles and internationally protecting journalists’ rights to freedom of speech. This is particularly crucial in rising attacks on the media by political powers, extremists and even the general public.


Thus, it can be said that the most useful advice for an aspiring journalist is to improve communication. Creating an open platform in which young journalists are able to communicate with media specialists is the way to ensure both safety and success. TBEX International is currently involved in this process, this through bringing together the globes most innovative minds via annually held conferences.

Journalism may be a daunting field to enter, however,  it does make for an exceptionally fulfilling career- the trials and tribulations found in its practicality can be outweighed by the gratifying experiences of travel, people and global innovation.


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