In a lawyer’s shoes for the day

If law, mystery and drama interests you and if you can handle cases of crime, ones to do with children, sexual abuse, violence and nevertheless pain and sadness then one should pay a visit to the Grahamstown Magistrates or High Court.

As a first year Law student, I had the opportunity of sitting in on a case that was held at the Magistrate’s court in Grahamstown. It was a rape case. Shivers run down my spine as I write this post. It is an experience that I will remember forever.

I came out of there a different person. It was eye-opening. Being in a court room with the judges and the prosecutors, it begins to feel real. The accused, incredibly nervous – dripping in sweat whilst the magistrate questions him/her. One can hear the translators in the background, turning of papers, brains thinking and people murmuring. It is an atmosphere that is difficult to describe. So many emotions all at once. So many people in the room. To know what I am talking about it, you need to sit in a court room with the accused, witnesses, judges, the magistrate and a crowd to feel the rush of emotions I felt.



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