The Fish

The sharp lethal cold hits my skin as I step into the ever-flowing fish river. The middle of winter brings snow to the mountain tops in the Eastern Cape and the sun melts the snow causing icy cold water to flow down into the impressive Fish River and right onto my skin.

I had never done canoeing before coming to Rhodes University, however, upon seeing numerous action-packed videos of various canoe trips done by the Rhodes University Canoe Club (RUCC) I decided it would be my next adventure and goal to partake in the Hansa Fish River Marathon. A grueling 82km race along the Fish River. This is the video that tantalized my taste buds to make The Fish marathon a reality. Fish1

An adventure that I want to do next and is similar to canoeing is white water rafting. South Africa has some of the best white water rafting, here is a website explaining more!


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